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Night Five
In hot pursuit

After the battle Gorvernor Nighthill appears and gives the group a mission.

  • Track down the enemy lair
  • Identify the leaders
  • Find out why they are raiding
  • Find out where they are likely to strike next

For this he offers a 250GP reward for each member. The team re-supplies and gets ready to head out.

Eliad investigates the suspicious halfling death and then takes the team to search his shop. He discovers a coded message and the key to the message (conveniently scrolled on a tiny yellow sliver of board tacked to the underside of the mans ledger desk.

The message identifies him as a member of the cult of the dragon and requests sanctuary for a traveling “trader”. They investigate further and find that the man was known as Sneaky Pete around those parts and hawkwind discovers that he gets regular visits from suspicious foreigners.

The team next sets out and is easily able to track the retreating raiding party. They are also able to tell quite easily that the group is much more heavily laden then they were on the inbound trip. Mara spies a campfire about 1 or 2 miles away the team takes out the straggling slackers who fell behind the army. Hawkwind lulls many to sleep with a dull *magical lullaby. 2 humans were captured alive, 1 kobold escaped.

The team interrogates their captives and finds out the following.

  1. The raiders are indeed Dragon Cult members
  2. Their camp is roughly 9 miles away
  3. It is SOP for the raiders to leave a group behind to ambush any uppity townsfolk who might have followed them
  4. 2 lieutenants serve Mondrath both are half dragons (one of whom is L. Cyanwrath who you’ve already faced
  5. The raiders were directed to loot and gather horde impressive enough to satisfy a greater dragon
  6. The camp is close to a nearby a dragon cave (probably the blue who was harassing the town)
Night Four
Battling the blue monster

Place holder ’til I find the notes:

The group heals up, and then escapes the temple fighting off the rear guard effectively. Only losing one or two of the townsfolk.

Upon returning to the keep the gang watches the morning come in. Then they are called out by a half dragon warrior named L. Cyanwrath. He calls upon the residents of the keep to send out a champion or he will kill a group of captured townsfolk.

Pi accepts the challenge and holds his own quite well but is eventually felled by the mighty warrior.

Night Three
Hitting their stride

Eliad wrapped up his side track through the keep at Greenest. He would later recount that he learned the raiders planned to withdraw the next dY, and that they are raiding towns all around from a camp to the south. Their goal seems to be to gather a great treasure. What other events transpired in the keep remains unknown.

The team decided they were on the right track especially after the confirmation from Eliad that the Mill was under attack. Before they reached the stream however they were attacked again by Guards and Cultists.

After easily defeating those few the group headed back downstream, where they observed a group of dudes faffing around lighting pretend fires at the Mill. Torvald advised rushing in, but cooler heads prevailed and Mara waltzed in to the group disguised as a blue dragon version of herself.

Bluffing the visible acolyte and guards who we’re around the building that they were checking in the team were surprised when 10 guards and cultists who we’re laying low in the mill preparing to spring a trap. The acolyte let slip the name of her commander Mondrath who ordered this group to set the trap.

After sending the cultists away the group encountered the miller’s 2 children and then led them back to the keep. They learned from the kids that indeed the raiders do plan to leave tomorrow.

When they return to the keep the governor shows them the leadership of the opposition on a nearby hill coordinating the attack. He tasks the heroes with capturing an enemy who may know something. They decide to approach the temple of Chauntea as there will probably be more senior raiders coordinating things there.

The first group they see when approaching the temple is an assault team battering down the front gate. They are 2 guards 6 kobolds and their commander. They quickly set up a defensive position and the heroes are unable to effectively fight them. Hawkwind and Mara both fall, but remain alive. Almost to a “man” the heroes are beaten down. They are able at the last moment before being confronted by more raiders and 2 wingless drakes to withdraw behind the wall of the temple and now seek refuge from the temple’s priests and the townsfolk huddled within the sacred walls.

Night two
Attack on Greenest part 2

Arriving at the keep in Greenest the party is greeted by a soldier. Though suspicious at first he introduces them to Escobert the Red, the Castellan of the keep, a shield dwarf. Hawkwind decides it would be a good time to raise the spirits of the defenders (militia, guards and townsfolk who have made it to the keep). He rolls terribly and just as he’s striking a grand chord to gather people’s attention a bolt of lightning from the blue dragon circling strikes and kills two defenders.

Once on the parapet of the wall the adventurers see raiders fighiting citizens in the streets. The raiders are winning except where citizens have cover near the keep. Multiple fires are burning, but the town does not seem to be in great danger it is odd that the raiders who seem to have an overwhelming force are not setting up to take the keep. Instead they seem to be raiding the town for valuables, which is confirmed later. Wherever there is staunch fighting or defense they don’t seem interested. Eliad Pelgrin sees something as they come into the keep and is drawn away. The rest of the companions don’t see him again for several hours.

The 3 companions from the caravan who are still together meet a human monk named Pi of Oghma. They decide to get together to do good (sound like a bunch of nerds don’t they.

On the parapet the town’s leader Governor Nighthill approaches. He has a small entourage with him but he has heard from the villagers you saved of your good work. It seems he still doesn’t totally trust you, and he wants to protect his citizens so he asks you to volunteer to help townsfolk who are trapped outside the keep to either get back here, or find their way to safety. Y’all accept. Also during this talk the group learns that Leosin was sent out on a secret scouting mission by the Governor. Pi and the group talk a bit about their relationship with him?

The group takes a short rest, during which Hawkwind tries to sing a rousing song for the third time (the crowd throw turds at him).

Escobert tells the group about a “secret” tunnel that they could use as a port to exit and bring in citizens to keep them safe. He takes them to it and they decide they’ll try to help folks down at the old mill first where they saw some action from the parapet.

In the tunnel the group fights a swarm of rats and Torvald Doropenheim smashes 10 of them with one blow. At the far end they come to a rusty portcullis which they get through with a mending spell from Mara Shemov and not too much difficulty. They manage to stay quiet while a couple groups of raiders walk by and then they walk downstream.

The night ends with the group running into a group of cultists, guards and kobolds who were chasing a townsman. They dispatch them without too much difficulty and see the citizen back to the main gate of the keep, and then begin to withdraw to the stream tehy used as cover.

Night one
The adventure begins

Just the rough, I’m on an ipad and I’m drunk.

The adventurers meet as part of a merchant convoy led by Roger Pennyweather. All came in sight of the town of Greenest when it became clear that the town that was a destination for so many of you was under attack by some force that included a dragon.

The 4 originals Eliad, Hawkwind, Mara and Torvald dissolved your relationship with the caravan and moved towards Greenest to see what y’all could do. Also Mara bought a horse.

As you approached town, you saw that the dragon was blue, and was attacking the main keep, and that there we’re raiders pillaging the town.

The party decided to take the creek into town, and they did fine until they rounded a corner and were confronted by 6 cultists admiring their work on the farm they’d just looted. The team did ok, though Torvald took some knocks.

The team crossed the river where they fought off a group of 8 kobolds who were pursuing a family. Torvald really ate it here, but everyone made it out alive.

The party decided to see the family they’d just saved to the keep in the center if town, and the alost made it without a hitch, but another group of kobolds attacked. The party fought them off with only minimal damage to Torvald and then they made the keep just as the guards we’re deciding they’d raise the drawbridge as no more towns folk would be joining them.

The plot thickens.

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