Let's Play 5e with Friends

Night Five

In hot pursuit

After the battle Gorvernor Nighthill appears and gives the group a mission.

  • Track down the enemy lair
  • Identify the leaders
  • Find out why they are raiding
  • Find out where they are likely to strike next

For this he offers a 250GP reward for each member. The team re-supplies and gets ready to head out.

Eliad investigates the suspicious halfling death and then takes the team to search his shop. He discovers a coded message and the key to the message (conveniently scrolled on a tiny yellow sliver of board tacked to the underside of the mans ledger desk.

The message identifies him as a member of the cult of the dragon and requests sanctuary for a traveling “trader”. They investigate further and find that the man was known as Sneaky Pete around those parts and hawkwind discovers that he gets regular visits from suspicious foreigners.

The team next sets out and is easily able to track the retreating raiding party. They are also able to tell quite easily that the group is much more heavily laden then they were on the inbound trip. Mara spies a campfire about 1 or 2 miles away the team takes out the straggling slackers who fell behind the army. Hawkwind lulls many to sleep with a dull *magical lullaby. 2 humans were captured alive, 1 kobold escaped.

The team interrogates their captives and finds out the following.

  1. The raiders are indeed Dragon Cult members
  2. Their camp is roughly 9 miles away
  3. It is SOP for the raiders to leave a group behind to ambush any uppity townsfolk who might have followed them
  4. 2 lieutenants serve Mondrath both are half dragons (one of whom is L. Cyanwrath who you’ve already faced
  5. The raiders were directed to loot and gather horde impressive enough to satisfy a greater dragon
  6. The camp is close to a nearby a dragon cave (probably the blue who was harassing the town)



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