Let's Play 5e with Friends

Night two

Attack on Greenest part 2

Arriving at the keep in Greenest the party is greeted by a soldier. Though suspicious at first he introduces them to Escobert the Red, the Castellan of the keep, a shield dwarf. Hawkwind decides it would be a good time to raise the spirits of the defenders (militia, guards and townsfolk who have made it to the keep). He rolls terribly and just as he’s striking a grand chord to gather people’s attention a bolt of lightning from the blue dragon circling strikes and kills two defenders.

Once on the parapet of the wall the adventurers see raiders fighiting citizens in the streets. The raiders are winning except where citizens have cover near the keep. Multiple fires are burning, but the town does not seem to be in great danger it is odd that the raiders who seem to have an overwhelming force are not setting up to take the keep. Instead they seem to be raiding the town for valuables, which is confirmed later. Wherever there is staunch fighting or defense they don’t seem interested. Eliad Pelgrin sees something as they come into the keep and is drawn away. The rest of the companions don’t see him again for several hours.

The 3 companions from the caravan who are still together meet a human monk named Pi of Oghma. They decide to get together to do good (sound like a bunch of nerds don’t they.

On the parapet the town’s leader Governor Nighthill approaches. He has a small entourage with him but he has heard from the villagers you saved of your good work. It seems he still doesn’t totally trust you, and he wants to protect his citizens so he asks you to volunteer to help townsfolk who are trapped outside the keep to either get back here, or find their way to safety. Y’all accept. Also during this talk the group learns that Leosin was sent out on a secret scouting mission by the Governor. Pi and the group talk a bit about their relationship with him?

The group takes a short rest, during which Hawkwind tries to sing a rousing song for the third time (the crowd throw turds at him).

Escobert tells the group about a “secret” tunnel that they could use as a port to exit and bring in citizens to keep them safe. He takes them to it and they decide they’ll try to help folks down at the old mill first where they saw some action from the parapet.

In the tunnel the group fights a swarm of rats and Torvald Doropenheim smashes 10 of them with one blow. At the far end they come to a rusty portcullis which they get through with a mending spell from Mara Shemov and not too much difficulty. They manage to stay quiet while a couple groups of raiders walk by and then they walk downstream.

The night ends with the group running into a group of cultists, guards and kobolds who were chasing a townsman. They dispatch them without too much difficulty and see the citizen back to the main gate of the keep, and then begin to withdraw to the stream tehy used as cover.



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