Let's Play 5e with Friends

Night Three

Hitting their stride

Eliad wrapped up his side track through the keep at Greenest. He would later recount that he learned the raiders planned to withdraw the next dY, and that they are raiding towns all around from a camp to the south. Their goal seems to be to gather a great treasure. What other events transpired in the keep remains unknown.

The team decided they were on the right track especially after the confirmation from Eliad that the Mill was under attack. Before they reached the stream however they were attacked again by Guards and Cultists.

After easily defeating those few the group headed back downstream, where they observed a group of dudes faffing around lighting pretend fires at the Mill. Torvald advised rushing in, but cooler heads prevailed and Mara waltzed in to the group disguised as a blue dragon version of herself.

Bluffing the visible acolyte and guards who we’re around the building that they were checking in the team were surprised when 10 guards and cultists who we’re laying low in the mill preparing to spring a trap. The acolyte let slip the name of her commander Mondrath who ordered this group to set the trap.

After sending the cultists away the group encountered the miller’s 2 children and then led them back to the keep. They learned from the kids that indeed the raiders do plan to leave tomorrow.

When they return to the keep the governor shows them the leadership of the opposition on a nearby hill coordinating the attack. He tasks the heroes with capturing an enemy who may know something. They decide to approach the temple of Chauntea as there will probably be more senior raiders coordinating things there.

The first group they see when approaching the temple is an assault team battering down the front gate. They are 2 guards 6 kobolds and their commander. They quickly set up a defensive position and the heroes are unable to effectively fight them. Hawkwind and Mara both fall, but remain alive. Almost to a “man” the heroes are beaten down. They are able at the last moment before being confronted by more raiders and 2 wingless drakes to withdraw behind the wall of the temple and now seek refuge from the temple’s priests and the townsfolk huddled within the sacred walls.



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