Let's Play 5e with Friends

Night one

The adventure begins

Just the rough, I’m on an ipad and I’m drunk.

The adventurers meet as part of a merchant convoy led by Roger Pennyweather. All came in sight of the town of Greenest when it became clear that the town that was a destination for so many of you was under attack by some force that included a dragon.

The 4 originals Eliad, Hawkwind, Mara and Torvald dissolved your relationship with the caravan and moved towards Greenest to see what y’all could do. Also Mara bought a horse.

As you approached town, you saw that the dragon was blue, and was attacking the main keep, and that there we’re raiders pillaging the town.

The party decided to take the creek into town, and they did fine until they rounded a corner and were confronted by 6 cultists admiring their work on the farm they’d just looted. The team did ok, though Torvald took some knocks.

The team crossed the river where they fought off a group of 8 kobolds who were pursuing a family. Torvald really ate it here, but everyone made it out alive.

The party decided to see the family they’d just saved to the keep in the center if town, and the alost made it without a hitch, but another group of kobolds attacked. The party fought them off with only minimal damage to Torvald and then they made the keep just as the guards we’re deciding they’d raise the drawbridge as no more towns folk would be joining them.

The plot thickens.



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